Res Populis

Raison d’être

In Everything Else on November 6, 2011 at 12:33 am

There are many noble reasons for publishing yet another satirical magazine , not least of which being the fact that throughout history things have remained essentially unchanged, and man has always felt the need to point this out. Whatever reasons were good for the wise and good men behind some of the best works of satire the world has ever seen to publish magazines the like of the Trumpeeter, Puck, Judg, The Verdict, Harper’s Weekly, Fun, Punch and The Realist- whatever reasons were good for these folks are good for us.

There are indeed many noble reasons one could mention.

Instead, we are going to disclose the reason that truly gave birth to this publication: young cynical and disillusioned men simply wanting to vent their cynicism, and a young woman accepting to embody and express it in cartoon illustrations.

This blog provided the perfect outlet.

P.S. Of Course we are not pretentiously hinting to be on a par with the great political satire magazines listed above, neither in content nor in style. However we hope to be able to equal and surpass them in at least one aspect – the delivery of honest and unbiased, sincere and straightforward observation of what is happening in our globalized and conviently small world.


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